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Acadlog combines the goodness of The Learning App and Live Classes to give you a seamless and wholesome learning experience. Try yourself!


Go Beyond unlimited features

Study Material & Live Classes for CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, JEE, NEET & more.

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Concept Learning through rich media

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Application of concepts through different tools

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Robust adaptive testing


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Personalized Learning and Doubt Solving with best teachers across the globe

Acadlog introduces the first ever AI-based chatbot - to guide students and solve their doubts instantly. This helps in creating personalised learning journeys, for the students as per their study strcuture, syllabus


More than thousand of students,teachers available to exchange their knowledge

This is a first digial social network which only emphasis on learning goals.

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Interactive Education

Acadlog's platform brings complex concepts to life and enables you to interact, engage and play with them. This kind of study will induce excitement in the process of learning, thus motivating you to get back to academics without feeling the compulsion and pressure.


General Competitions Preparations

Study,learn and then earn from our platform with the continution of your preparation for government examination

Engg/Medical Preparations

Study,learn and then earn from our platform with the continution of your preparation for Engg/Medical examination

Bounty Quiz

We are organize bounty quiz on weekly basis to prepare and earn.

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